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Welcome to the official website of EMKO KOUTELAS S.A.

We are importers of reliable HORECA equipment since 1976. Our main goal is to cover the needs of any food and beverage establishment in the tourism, hospitality and entertainment sectors.

Our responsible and consistent after sales support is recognized by top brands like SANTOS, ROBOT COUPE, OMNIWASH, ROLLER GRILL, ADVENTYS, EXPRESSO, SENCOTEL, CHEF’S CHOICE, RGV, KROBE and ITALSTAR who trusted EMKO as their exclusive partner for the Greek territory. Other strategic partnerships include RATIONAL, SAMSUNG, NTF, FAGOR, TECNODOM, ANIMO, BIANCHI, MACAP, FAMA, FUMAGALLI, GIESSER MESSER, TELLIER, BRON COUCKE, PRIMEAT and others.

EMKO KOUTELAS S.A. provides modern professionals with prompt services consisting of innovative and customized solutions, taking into account that their complete satisfaction is the outcome of:

  • The continuous training and specialization of our team on the new trends in our field.
  • The and effective after sales technical support.
  • Adequate supply chain management, having as a rule the immediate shipment of the products through our distribution network by maintaining the optimal stock in products and spare parts.

We maintain long-term partnerships with our customers, our suppliers and our employees. We consider all of them a unique investment evaluated with the following timeless criteria:

  • Mutual trust, reliability and support
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality and Reliability in providing services
  • Satisfaction of suppliers
  • After sales support
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement
  • Continuous training of employees

Our showroom and two of our four warehouses are located in privately owned buildings at Kallithea. We have established a solid promotion and distribution network all over Greece in collaboration with local partners (dealers). Our Sales Team and our Technical Support Department are always available to propose solutions according to your professional space and its specific needs.


EMKO Koutelas SA was certified according to the then international standard EN ISO 9001:2000 on 2004. Since then it has gone through all its renewals until the latest one, EN ISO 9001:2015. Click here to see our active certificate.